Trends forecasting and interpretation.


BrandFoundation (DNA, Positioning, Architecture)
BrandExpression (Marketing and communication plans).

DNAcceleration™ & DNAction™

Training, Cascading, Operational Coaching,
Co-management pilot-launch.

The result

Brand DNA accelerates growth and increases brand value.


Since Brand DNA creation in September 2000, our multidisciplinary and multicultural team of strategic and creative talents has contributed to the development and to the success of brands with high added value.

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Date of creation: 2000
Legal entity: SA
Capital: 100 000 CHF
Offices: Geneva - Taipei


Bruno Asselin

Strategic business development and coaching.

Carlo Giordannetti

Strategic creativity and leading the creative team.

Market directors

Vincent LiuPartner & Director Great Region China
Zeynep IyisonCoordinator Turkey